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When it comes to having wild success with generating AI-based art that make people go, “WOW,” it is important to understand the role of keyword modifiers. It is through the text you use as prompts that the AI can interpret what it is that you wish to create. It sounds simple enough. But in a world where we often forget that communication extends beyond mere words (like visuals, body language, and social cues, for instance), finding the perfect word prompts that effectively communicates to an algorithm exactly what we want it to visually create for us can 
become tedious and challenging. We are also often challenged by our use of a limited vocabulary. We can say to a friend, “Take a portrait photo of me,” and they know what we mean. We don’t have to describe the camera, lens, setting, lighting, etc. 

With AI-based text-to-art generators, like VQGAN+CLIP or Disco Diffusion, the AI would have no clue what “Take a portrait photo of me” even means. It would try to interpret the statement as best it can, but without additional modifiers that help describe further what you mean, you are likely NOT going to achieve an acceptable result.
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I created this guide because I was curious about what was possible with the software and wanted a reference like this for myself. I also wanted to create something that would benefit YOU as well...and save you time, energy, and resources! Honestly...this thing is AWESOME!

Here are a few illustrations I created using the Word Prompt strategies and Keywords included in this MASSIVE Guide (over 4,300 word prompts):

Please Note: These are unretouched and did not use Start Images...

About the Video Training: In the video training, I break down the process of how to use the Guide most effectively to help you achieve results like the illustrations above. I will be sharing insights and discoveries I made while assembling this guide (and ALL the research that went into creating it) to help YOU achieve breakthrough success for yourself! 

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