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By Popular Request...a New PDF Guide!

The Public Domain represents the largest “Mother Lode” collection of useable media on the planet...and it grows larger EVERY single day! Simply put, if you are ignoring content from the Public Domain to use in creating your own products (digital or physical) you are missing the boat.

There is literally NO bigger media content opportunity than the Public Domain...PERIOD!

Perhaps your hesitancy comes from one of the following:

   • Not knowing where to find this content.
   • What you can or cannot do with copyright-expired materials.
   • How to actually turn it into something people would be willing to spend money for. 

Well the AWESOME news is that I have provided years-worth of proven insights and strategies in a brand-new printable PDF guide.
“Print This 195-Page PDF Guide and Keep It on Your Desk!”

This isn't a transcript and a few pictures of slides like you see many PDF's offer. Those are fine for what they are...this PDF Guide is MUCH different! It's been written to include the information, step-by-step strategies and resources you want in an easy-to-follow format!

Here are a few random pages to give you an idea of what to expect...
Is Fan Art Legal?
Characters in the Public Domain...
Public Domain Sales Strategies...
Public Domain Resource Bundles...
Are Public Domain's Days Numbered?
Pages of Resources Sites...
Product Creation Strategies...
Copyright in Other Countries...

As you can see, we cover a LOT of great information, including a HUGE section dedicated to step-by-step Public Domain research. Imagine having an expert, goto guide to access to at your fingertips anytime you need it! Simply download the “Public Domain Kickstart” PDF and print it out! It's that easy!

Here is a List of Topics Covered in “Public Domain Kickstart:”
  • Copyright Laws and the Pitfalls to Avoid.
  • Video Content from the Public Domain.
  • Characters That Are in the Public Domain.
  • 40+ Ways to Profit With Public Domain.
  • Public Domain Resource Bundles.
  • Turn a Public Domain Craft Book Into New Products.
  • Pages of Resource Links.
  • And Much More!
This PDF Guide is the PERFECT compliment to ALL your Public Domain research for ANY type
of products, both digital and physical!
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