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“Kickstart Your AI Art Creation With This Brand-New 162-Page Printable PDF Guide & Video Training!”

The First of It’s Kind...ANYWHERE!

After literally hundreds of hours of research and testing, I would like to present a game-changing resource PDF that will be a MUST-HAVE if you are using (or want to use) AI-based text-to-art software. This PDF is the first of its kind anywhere and what I share inside will transform your results using popular
AI programs like Accomplice and NightCafe.

WHY is this Resource Guide so valuable? In it, I share over 450+ Artist references for your AI Text Prompts plus an illustration of the artist's style results! The results are CRAZY diverse, as well they should be. 

I tested artists from nearly every genre and tradition, from classical painters to digital artists... from movie directors to cartoonists, and from Surrealists to Graphical Abstract artists. You will discover artists best known for fantasy painting, the top artists in Manga and Anime, and popular artists in the Goth and Horror genres. The most well-known historical artists and periods are also well-represented, as you would expect! 
“This Guide Will Not Only Save You TONS of Time, but ALSO a Lot of Money Since You Must Pay for EVERY AI Render!”

I created this guide because I was curious about what was possible with the software and wanted a reference like this for myself. I also wanted to create something that would benefit YOU as well...and save you time, energy, and resources! Honestly...this thing is AWESOME!

Here are a few random pages from the PDF that features more than 450+ artists! 

About the Video Training: In the video training, I break down the latest version of the AI Art software used to create the illustrations in the PDF. I show you exactly how to use the artist information from the PDF to achieve the BEST results for your projects, whether you wish to create art for POD products, for book illustrations, or even for the NFT market! 

The “AI Art Kickstart” PDF Guide and Video Training is the PERFECT compliment to my latest courses on AI Art!
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