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For the past several years, Coloring Books have been a huge trend that continues to be embraced by young and old alike. And while the benefits derived from coloring, like its ability to relax and decrease stress, have been demonstrated time after time, there is another HUGE payoff related to coloring books...creating them! And the BEST part is that ANYONE can create fun coloring designs whether you consider yourself an artist or not. Software makes the creation process easier than ever...if you understand HOW to use it properly.

A while back I taught a series of massively popular trainings on how you can illustrate and create your own coloring books using MANY different methods. As a matter of fact, there is no other training on the market that is as comprehensive as my trainings were. Of course, what I brought to these step-by-step, in-depth trainings was the years of experience and training gleaned from working for 20 years as a graphic designer. 

After recently reviewing all the Coloring Book training I offered (3 full courses and secondary training), I realized that many of you have never benefitted from one of the BEST parts of the courses...the Enhanced Transcripts. These transcripts aren't just images of the slides used in the training. These transcripts break down EVERYTHING I taught in step-by-step form with supporting illustrations, highlights and more!
“So I Compiled ALL the Coloring Book-Related Transcripts I Had Produced Into ONE, Amazingly Detailed 290-Page PDF Guide!”
Here are a few example pages from the PDF Guide...
Creating Kaleidoscope Images...
Uploading Your Coloring Book...
Using Filter Forge to Create Images...
Working With Symmetry Fill...
Zentangle Images Using Illustrator...
Patterns From Illustrations...
Using Old Coloring Books for New Ideas...
Laying Out Your Cover Using InDesign...

As you can see, we cover a LOT of great information that you will now have access to at your fingertips! You can simply download the “Coloring Book Kickstart” PDF and print it out!

Here is a List of Topics Covered in “Coloring Book Kickstart:”
  • Niche and Trend Research for Planning Your Coloring Book.
  • Step-by-Step Demos of Mac and PC Software Options to Design Coloring Book Illustrations.
  • Step-by-Step Demos of Online and iPad Options to Design Coloring Book Illustrations.
  • Designing Your Coloring Book Interior and Cover, Step-by-Step.
  • Preparing and Uploading Your Finished Coloring Book to IngramSpark and CreateSpace.
  • Pre-Selling, Author Central and 12 Marketing Strategies to Sell Your Coloring Book.
  • New Software Options for Quickly Creating Coloring Book Designs.
  • Compositing Tricks for Creating Gorgeous, Enhanced Designs that Will Take Your Style to the Next Level.
  • Merging Hand-Drawn and Digital Designs to Create Hybrid Illustrations.
  • Next-Level, Emerging Design Techniques That Will Make Your Coloring Books Stand Out from the Crowd
  • Professional (and easy) Coloring Book Layout and Hybrid Designs Using Adobe InDesign and Other Pro-Level Tools
  • New Publishing Options, Working With Local Printers and Offline Marketing
  • And Much More!
This PDF Guide is the PERFECT companion to ALL your creative efforts because Coloring Pages aren't JUST for coloring books...they can be used in Doodle Books, Educational Materials and a LOT more!
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